PondMAX Backup Battery (Suit PS600)

The PondMAX Backup Battery is suitable for the PS600 solar pump.

  • 1 year warranty
  • Perfect for running in overcast conditions or at night
  • Environmentally friendly - no need for power, just plug panel and pump into the battery box
  • Includes 12v, 7ah lead acid battery
  • Adjustable output voltage 12v-24v for optimal pump performance
  • Built in reverse polarity and overcharge protection so no chance of damaging your pump or battery
  • LED indicator light provides working status of the battery backup
Timing function decreases the energy consumption on cloudy days or winter months.  The pump works 15 minutes every hour if the timing function is enabled by placing the timer switch to "Timer On" position.  The "Timer on/Timer off" switch switches the pump running mode between "intermittent mode" and "continuous mode".  In the "intermittent mode" (i.e., "Timer On"), a built-in timer is enabled to run the pump 15 minutes per hour to save the energy. In the "continuous mode" mode, the built-in timer is disabled, and the pump runs continuously.



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