PondMAX CleanMAX 900g


CleanMAX will help remove attached dead organic debris from waterfalls, streams and rocks in seconds.

Application Rates

28g – Treats up to 2.25m2

56g – Treats up to 4.5m2

113g – Treats up to 9m2

226g – Treats up to 18m2

Apply directly to the affected area once per week or as needed. Use the maintenance dosage of CleanMAX once a week to keep your waterfalls and streams looking pristine.

To Calculate Approximate Pond Capacity:

Length (m) x Width (m) x Average Depth. (measurements in metres x 1000 for litres)


 Deactivates Attached Organic Debris On Contact

 Activated Peroxygen Formulation

 Safe Alternative To Copper Based Products


(Previously D-Solv9 Complete Pond Cleaner)



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