PondMAX Pond Clarifier 750g Treatment


PondMAX Pond Clarifier Bacteria is a blend of naturally occurring bacteria formulated to clear surface sedimentation and organic debris from the bottom of the pond, reducing the need for regular pond filter cleaning. The starter dose helps to establish a population of good bacteria and the maintenance dose tops up the population, effectively helping to reduce pond sludge and excess nutrient levels in the pond environment. as a concentrated powder blend is highly effective at reducing ammonia, nitrates, phosphates, hydrocarbons.


Add 3.75 grams (1 level, 10ml scoop) of treatment per 2500L of pond water every week for one month and then add one level scoop once a fortnight to maintain pond efficiency.

To Calculate Approximate Pond Capacity:

Length (m) x Width (m) x Average Depth. (measurements in metres x 1000 for litres)


• 100% Harmless, 100% Chemical Free

• Recharges Filter And Halves Maturation Time

• Rapidly Consumes Pond Sludge



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