Advantages of Solar Powered Pond Pumps

Advantages of Solar Powered Pond Pumps

December 09, 2022

The popularity of solar panels on residential properties has continued to rise, and for good reason. With immense eco-friendly benefits, reduced power bills, and tapping into a renewable energy source, solar is an all-around great addition to your home.


So, why not bring these advantages to your backyard with a solar pond pump?

Adding a water feature to your outdoor space is an easy and gorgeous way to create a relaxing atmosphere and add a little extra value to your home. When you add solar to the mix it makes including a water feature all the more sustainable and affordable.


Read on to learn all about the benefits a solar powered submersible garden pump can bring to your beautiful backyard pond or feature.


What is a solar powered pond pump?


When you add a pump to your pond or feature pond it requires a power source for the pump to run and move the water. This is what creates the movement of a fountain, spit, waterfall, and much more. This is generally done by plugging into mains power and requires a suitably positioned outdoor power-point. A solar pond pump produces the power required by converting energy from the sun, via a solar panel, into safe and low-voltage electricity. 


Solar powered water features typically contain two parts, the underwater, submersible, pump and the solar panel that you place in direct sunlight. You can also add a back-up battery pack to store surplus energy for use on days with scattered cloud cover or at night time.


Key benefits of a solar pond pump


Not every yard has an outdoor power-point in the right spot to run a regular pump and adding an outlet can be an expensive process. With a solar pump kit, all you need is a sunny spot for the panels. No electricians required!


We have one of the highest averages of sunlight hours in the world so put those rays to use! Installing a solar powered pond pump to operate your water feature gives you free, green power whenever the sun is shining and with a back-up battery you’ll have extended run-times too.


Whether you live in the city, the bush or anywhere in-between, that near-constant stream of sunlight makes solar panels ideal for the Aussie environment. 


And if you are renting, a solar kit is very easy to take with you and add wherever you may go.




Cutting down on carbon emissions is something almost every household wants to do. While it’s not always clear how best to tackle this issue, minimising electricity use by utilising solar power is a fantastic step in the right direction. Opting for an environmentally-friendly system powered completely by the sun offers great peace of mind and is much more budget-friendly.



The design, engineering and manufacturing of the solar pond pump kit means you will get many years of trouble-free and reliable operation with a minimum of maintenance. This makes solar submersible pond pumps an ideal, dependable option to conventional mains-powered pond pumps.



Installing a solar-powered submersible garden pump is simple and easy as the kits are entirely ‘plug-and-play’. The low-voltage submersible pumps are also low-maintenance requiring little more than occasional cleaning of their bio-sponge filter and annual replacement of the impellor.



All solar pump kits generate safe low-voltage so there are no concerns about mains-powered cables running through your garden or outdoors where they may be inadvertently damaged by kids, pets or during garden maintenance.




Just like roof-top solar for your home the initial outlay for a solar pump kit is quickly recovered as you’ll have zero electricity running costs. Regular upkeep and cleaning will ensure a long life span, providing you with a cost-effective investment for years to come.


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