PondMAX CleanMAX+ 470ml


CleanMAX+ cleans in seconds of application to remove debris, add oxygen and clean the pond from top to bottom. Use CleanMAX+ on waterfalls, plant pots & streams.
When using CleanMAX+ always make sure there is vigorous aeration using a waterfall, bubbler, fountain, air stone or spitter. CleanMAX+ requires heavy aeration especially in hot weather.

Application Rates 
30ml – Treats up to 2,720 Litres
60ml – Treats up to 4,540 Litres
120ml – Treats up to 9,080 Litres
240ml – Treats up to 18,170 Litres

Apply directly to the affected area once per week at the prescribed rate. Use the maintenance dosage of CleanMAX once a week to keep your waterfalls and streams looking pristine. 

To Calculate Approximate Pond Capacity: 
Length (M) X Width (M) X Average Depth.  (Measurements in Metres X 1000 For Litres)


• Creates A Healthy and Clear Aquatic Environment

• Reduces Overall Pond Maintenance

• Works to Eliminate Unwanted Aquatic Debris



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