PondMAX Pond Clarifier 85g Treatment


PondMAX Water Treatment & Conditioner Eliminates and removes chlorine, chloramine and ammonia. It contains electrolytes to prevent dehydration and Vitamin B to reduce stress. It detoxifies and binds up heavy metals. This product also contains Aloe Vera and PVP’s to repair and replace the slime coating lost in times of stress due to transportation and water changes.

Dosage: Add 10mL to 120L of water when setting up or new water is added to pond.

To Calculate Approximate Pond Capacity: 
Length (M) X Width (M) X Average Depth.  (Measurements in Metres X 1000 For Litres)


  • Neutralises Ammonia
  • Removes Chlorine & Chloramine
  • Detoxifies Harmful Heavy Metals


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