PondMAX Acrylic Waterwall – 30mm Lip 1200mm Bottom Entry

PondMAX clear edge waterwalls with 30mm lip are perfect for installing in a brick or timber frame wall. The height of the waterwall is 86mm which is the same as a standard house brick, this means that when built into the wall with a steel lintel, the lip protrudes 30mm from the raw face of the wall to allow for render and cladding of your choice.

The PondMAX clear edge waterwalls have a double baffle system guaranteeing a smooth sheet of water for both sheer decent and projecting effects.

An LED light strip can be installed in the preconfigured tube creating dramatic effects at night time.


 Individually Tested

 Suitable for Projecting & Sheer Descent Effects

 Suitable for Pond Feature Or Swimming Pool Use

• 1 Year Warranty



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