PondMAX PondShield Starter 2L Black


An easy to apply heavy black membranous sealant used for sealing concreate, brick and stone ponds and water features. 


  • WATER RESISTANT - contains reinforcing fibers for sealing fine cracks
  • EXCELLENT COVERAGE - Covers 2 sqm using 2 coats

Ensure all surfaces are free of dirt, grease, dust, algae, loose paint and rust etc. Prepare old timber surfaces by sanding to a smooth surface. Porous surfaces may need to be primed using diluted PondShield Starter; 1 part PondShield Starter to 2 parts water, allow 1 hour to dry.

Allow the surface to dry completely before applying PondShield Starter. To test for moisture, tape a clear plastic sheet such as cling wrap (300mm x 300mm) over the substrate in the most likely damp area. If moisture appears on the underside of the plastic within 2 hours, the substrate is too damp. Repeat the process every couple of days until no moisture is present. Stir well prior to use. PondShield Starter may be applied by brush, roller or soft broom. After priming, PondShield Starter should be applied in two coats each of 0.5lt per m2 allowing 24 hours drying between coats. Any one wet coat thickness of the film must not exceed 1mm. As a guide using 0.5lt per m2 gives an average wet film build of 0.5mm. To avoid defects in the film, the second coat should be brushed on a 90° angle to the first coat. Timber surfaces e.g. fence timbers, tank stands and sawn timbers do not need priming but may be protected by the application of at least 2 coats of PondShield Starter at a maximum of 1mm thickness per wet coat. For concrete and masonry surfaces with fine hairline cracks, prime with PondShield diluted with water. While this coat is still tacky, fill cracks with PondShield Starter mixed with sand. Allow to dry thoroughly before overcoating (approx 48 hours)..



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