Pond Pumps

Choosing the right pond pump for your pond may be one of the most daunting and important decisions you'll have to make. Don't be fooled by a low price when purchasing pond pumps. Buy a pond pump that is specifically designed for usage in ponds. Remember, unlike lights, your pond or water garden pump will be on all day long. Our line of energy-efficient water pond pumps are ideal for use with all types of water gardens.


Pumps for large ponds, filters, waterfalls and water features

We provide a wide range of bigger-pond pumps to fit any budget or requirement at PondMAX. We can assist with specifications or suggestions for commercial water features. we also supply pumps for big fountains and water tanks.

What is the difference between a pond pump and a waterfall pump?

Waterfall pond pumps are a more discrete pond pump which enables the pond in a waterfall to be utilised as a pond. These pond pumps use much smaller impeller blades in order to ensure less disturbance in the pond environment, making them perfect for waterfalls.


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